Friday, 15 January 2016

Style of my magazine

Decide on style of music magazine

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is my chosen music genre. The reason for this is because I really enjoy the songs it produces and I feel there aren’t many magazines published in this genre. Therefore I would be filling a gap in the market if I create a magazine in this genre. It is different to most typical genres people would go for which is why i decided to choose this genre also as it is different to other people's genres.

The style I would like to adapt in my magazine would be making it engaging and exciting to look at, which can be achieved by interesting images and a colour scheme that includes a bright colour. Also, as well as making it exciting for my target audience which is 16-30 year olds, I want it to be informative as I feel this will interest the reader more if they have good content to read. Therefore I will make the magazine look professional, and I wont be over complicating how this is done. Overall, I want to create an eye catching yet professional magazine.

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